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Why a career with the ATBL network of Experior is your Best Next Step!

You NEVER mess with someones  money or their family, and if you mess with the money you're messing with both!

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Army Soldiers

If you are not living your values, you're in a constant state of conflict

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Joyce Labossiere

Previous Career:  Financial Services

After being in the financial industry for the past 23 years, I loved the transparency of Experior, the Legacy Program for advisors and the lineup of solutions they have starting from cradle to grave for the families that we serve. 

The RLA team works together to provide advisors with the training, knowledge and collaboration needed to succeed in the financial industry.

Dan Thibodeau

Tandem  Career:  Landscape Industry

I believe in the vision of Jamie and Leanne Prickett. The business they have built and the people they have attracted is truly remarkable. 


The RLA Team of Experior shares the same values and dreams. All with a mentality to treat everyone as if they were their own family. The experience of the team is invaluable to learn from and to become leaders within the industry.

Connie Edwards

Previous Career: Teacher

Joining the financial industry just "happened", it wasn't something I was actively looking into! 

Experior is the platform I needed, for the flexibility I wanted

Being part of the RLA team is allowing me to learn quickly with their leadership and guidance.

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